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    Admin Rules

    Post  -traP on Tue Jan 03, 2012 5:32 pm

    Admins must agree with and follow the rules in order to keep their admin status. Any admin who disobeys these rules will lose their privileges immediately! study

    1. No cheating & no hacking. Any such conduct will result in instant revocation of your admin, and likely a ban per the Ban Protocol in the M3 sub-forum.
    2. No admin abuse, regardless what the scenario is. If you receive 3 strikes -- even if you donate-- a permanent removal of your privilegs will result.
    3. If you witness a cheater, first, record a demo and save their STEAMID! Follow the Ban Protocol as listed in the M3 sub-forum.
    4. Only head-admins are allowed to change cvars (maptime, roundtime, friendlyfire, weapon restrictions, etc...) of servers. Any settings that are changed without approval of a head-admin will result in suspension of your admin.
    5. Respect the upper admins! If they tell you not to do something then don't do it! If disobey the admins. Consequences will occur.
    6. No slaying, burying, slapping without reason.
    7. No glowing invisible. ( Glowing colors is permitted)
    10. Do NOT use commands on other admins/members. If a screenshot is provided with complaint, the admin may be suspended.
    11. NO ADVERTISING for your other clan or other servers. This is -M3-|t Servers only. If caught advertising, it will result in a complete removal of your admin access.
    12. DO NOT kick AFKs, just transfer them to spec. If the server is full, you may kick AFK spectators.
    13. DO NOT kick/ban another clan member without approval from a head-admin.
    14. DO NOT change map without voting for it first! (Use RTV!)
    16. DONT REVIVE YOURSELF constantly!
    17. DONT USE amx_weapon in KNIFE MAPS.
    19. DO NOT activate any extended plugins.
    20. RESPECT, BE FAIR AND FRIENDLY to all players. Remember, we are the host making people feel good in our own home!
    22. DO NOT unban a player that has been considered a "hacker" or considered as permanently banned from -M3-|t by any other reasons. In such cases, consult with clean leader, UCISter.

    Note: Head admins and clan leader may use admin to have fun, exercising their power at their discretion. cheers

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    Re: Admin Rules

    Post  UCISter on Tue Jan 03, 2012 8:01 pm

    This is an excellent guide for users and clan members to understand what is and is not allowed by admins! pirat

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