Admin Commands (ADMINS READ)



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    Admin Commands (ADMINS READ)

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    Admin Commands:

    First Small advice - always use vote command - it will show's player #userID and nicknames. Conveniently to use #userID, instead of his name. For example
    amx_slay #143

    Required options are shown with (), optional parameters are shown with []. Do not actually type () or [].
    To view in-game command help, use this in the console: amx_help

    Commands Format Description

    Admin Commands
    amx_kick (name or #userid)[reason] - Kicks a player.
    amx_ban (name or #userid) (time)[reason] - Kicks a player. (If you want ban) Go below
    amx_banid (name or #userid) (time)[reason] - Bans a player by Steam ID.
    amx_banip (name or #userid) (time)[reason] - Bans a player by Name or IP.
    amx_addban (authid or ip) (minutes) [reason] - Adds a ban to the server banlist.
    amx_unban (authid or ip) - Unbans a player.
    amx_slay (name or #userid) - Slays a player.
    amx_slap (name or #userid) [damage] - Slaps a player for variable damage.
    amx_leave (tag) [tag1] [tag2] [tag3] - Kicks all players not wearing one of the tags.
    amx_cvar (cvar) [value] - Changes or displays a cvar value.
    amx_map (mapname) - Changes map.
    amx_nick (original name) (new name) - Changes Users Name.
    amx_cfg (filename) - Executes a server-side config file.
    amx_rcon (rcon command line) - Executes a command on the server console.
    amx_plugins - Lists all loaded plugins.
    amx_modules - Lists all loaded modules.
    amx_pause - Pauses or unpauses the game.
    amx_who - Displays who is on the server.

    Chat Commands
    amx_say (message) - Sends a message to all players through normal say.
    amx_chat (message) - Sends a message to all admins through normal chat.
    amx_psay (name or #userid) (message) - Sends a private message to a player.
    amx_tsay (color) (message) - Sends a left side HUD message to all players.
    amx_csay (color) (message) - Sends a center HUD message to all players.

    also you can simply press 'y' key than type '@' symbol and than your text
    for admin chat only press 'u' key than type '@' symbol and than your text

    Vote Commands
    amx_votemap (map) [map] [map] [map] - Starts a vote for a map.
    amx_votekick (name or #userid) - Starts a vote to kick a player.
    amx_voteban (name or #userid) - Starts a vote to ban a player.
    amx_vote (question) (answer1) (answer2) - Starts a custom poll.
    amx_cancelvote - Cancels the last poll in progress.

    Menu Commands
    amxmodmenu - Displays the main AMX Mod X menu.

    amx_heal (nick, #userid, authid or @team) (HP to give) - Gives health to players.
    amx_armor (nick, #userid, authid or @team) (armor to give) - Gives armor to players.
    amx_teleport (nick, #userid or authid)
    [y] [z] - Teleport to a certain spot x y z
    amx_userorigin (nick, #userid or authid) - Prints and Stores x y z of player
    amx_stack (nick, #userid or authid) [0|1|2] - Stacks all players on someone's head.
    amx_alltalk [1 = ON | 0 = OFF - Sets alltalk.
    amx_gravity (gravity #) - Sets gravity.
    amx_unammo (nick,#userid or @team) [0|1]-0=OFF 1=ON - Unlimited Ammo–1, Reset to normal-0
    amx_extend (added time to extend) - Extend current map
    amx_gag (nick, #userid or authid) (a|b|c) (time) a = Normal Chat | b = Team Chat | c = Voicecomm - Gags players from speaking or using the voicecomm.
    amx_ungag (nick, #userid or authid) - Ungag players
    amx_bury (nick, #userid, authid or @team) - Buries players in the ground.
    amx_unbury (nick, #userid, authid or @team) - Unburies players from the ground.
    amx_disarm (nick, #userid, authid or @team) - Strips players of their weapons.
    amx_slay2 (nick, #userid, authid or @team) 1-Lightning|2-Blood|3-Explode - Like slay, only with special effects!
    amx_rocket (nick, #userid, authid or @team) - Turns players into rockets!
    amx_fire (nick, #userid, authid or @team) - Sets players on fire!
    amx_uberslap (nick, #userid or authid) - Slaps players through the air until they have 1 health (and probably die from a fall).
    amx_flash (nick, #userid, authid or @team) - Flashes player(s)
    amx_weapon (nick, #userid, authid or @team) (weapon #) - Gives players weapons.
    amx_revive (nick, #userid, authid or @team) - Revives dead players.
    amx_godmode (nick, #userid or @team) [0|1|2] - 0=OFF 1=ON 2=ON + ON EACH ROUND - Give players godmode.
    amx_noclip (nick, #userid, authid or @team) [0|1|2] - 0=OFF 1=ON 2=ON + ON EACH ROUND" - Gives players noclip.
    amx_drug (@all, @team, nick, #userid, authid or @team) - Give players some drugs.
    amx_speed (nick, #userid, authid or @team) [0|1] -- gives/takes turbo running - Turbomode
    amx_givemoney (nick, #userid, authid or @team) (amount) - Gives money to specified player or team
    amx_takemoney (nick, #userid or authid) (amount) - Gives money from specified player or team
    amx_glow (nick, #userid, authid, or @team/@all) (color) or (rrr) (ggg) (bbb) (aaa) -- lasts 1 round - Glow player for 1 round
    amx_glow2 (nick, #userid, authid, or @team/@all) (color) or (rrr) (ggg) (bbb) (aaa) -- lasts forever - Glow player forever
    amx_glowcolors - Shows a list of colors for amx_glow and amx_glow2
    amx_badaim (player) (On/off or length of time: 1|0|time) (Save?: 1|0) - Turn on/off bad aim on a player.
    amx_transfer (name) (CT/T/Spec) - Transfers that player to the specified team
    amx_team (name) (CT/T/Spec) - Transfers that player to the specified team
    amx_swap (name) (CT/T/Spec) - Swaps two players with each other
    amx_teamswap (name1)(name2) - Swaps two teams with eachother
    amx_lock (CT/T/Auto/Spec) - Locks selected team
    amx_unlock (CT/T/Auto/Spec) - Unlocks selected team
    amx_quit (nick, #userid, authid or @team) - Make player Quit from the game
    amx_exec (nick or @team) (command) - Execute commands on client side
    amx_restart (seconds [1-20]) - Restarts the server in seconds
    amx_pass (server password) - Sets the server password
    amx_nopass - Removes the server password
    amx_shutdown (seconds [1-20]) - Shuts down the server in seconds
    amx_supermenu, supermenu in console or /supermenu in chat - Shows the AMX Super Menu

    Weapons List: (Type amx_weapon (CT , T, @all , name) (NUM below, Gun you want)
    11 or glock - Glock
    12 or usp - Usp
    13 or p228 - 228 Compact
    14 or deagle - Deagle
    15 or fiveseven - ES Five-Seven
    16 or elite - .40 Dual Elites
    17 - All Pistols
    21 or m3 - Leone 12 Gauge Super
    22 or xm1014 - Leone YG1265 Auto Shotgun
    31 or tmp - Schmidt Machine Pistol
    32 or mac10 - Ingram MAC-10
    33 or mp5navy - KM Sub-Machine Gun
    34 or p90 - ES C90
    35 or ump45 - KM UMP45
    40 or famas - Clarion 5.56
    41 or galil - IDF Defender
    42 or ak47 - CV-47
    43 or m4a1 - Maverick M4A1 Carbine
    44 or sg550 - Krieg 550 Commando
    45 or aug - Bullpup
    46 or scout - Schmidt Scout
    47 or sg552 - Krieg 552
    48 or awp - Magnum Sniper RifleAWP
    49 or g3sg1 - D3/AU1
    51 or m249 - Machine Gun M249
    60 - Shield/Glock/All Nades/Armor
    61 - Shield/USP/All Nades/Armor
    62 - Shield/P228/All Nades/Armor
    63 - Shield/Deagle/All Nades/Armor
    64 - Shield/FiveSeven/All Nades/Armor
    81 or vest - Armor
    82 - vesthelm - Armor + Helmet
    83 or hegrenade - HE Grenade
    84 or flashbang - Flashbang
    85 or smokegrenade - Smoke Grenade
    86 or defuser - Defusal Kit
    87 or shield - Shield
    88 - All Ammo
    89 - All Grenades
    91 - C4
    92 or nvgs - Nightvision Goggles
    100 - AWP/Deagle/All Nades/Full Armor
    160 - Full Money
    200 - Everything

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