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    -traP Intro

    Post  -traP on Sun Jan 01, 2012 3:53 pm

    In-Game Name: -M3-|t -traP
    Real Name: Logan Sergent
    Age/Birth Date: 15
    Gender: Male
    Country/State (province)/City: United States / New York
    Current Job/Career: Software and Design
    Job/Career you want: Still Choosing

    Favorite Weapon(s): Awp & Deagle Combo
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Favorite Food: Pizza
    Favorite Band(s): Matchbox Twenty
    Favorite Movie(s): not big into movies
    Favorite game(s): Counter Strike 1.6
    Favorite Drink?: When I can sneek some (beer) other than that Root Beer hehe
    Favorite Sport: Soccer
    Favorite Sport team: Spain Soccer
    Favorite things to do: To Game and Play Sports

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